5 Secrets to Finding a Cheap Flight

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Airplane_01Probably the most comfortable way to travel is via plane. If you travel to a destination which is not that close to you it is essential, if on the other hand you are traveling to a place which is relatively close, you will get there sooner and be less tired instead of going by bus or by car. Anyhow, the one reason which might put you off of air travel is the price, since the air fares can sometimes be very much unfair. Therefore, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to find a cheap flight.

635249415417666000_Airline-tickets11. Book early
One of the best ways to get a cheap plane ticket is to buy either really early or really late. If you choose to buy a ticket well in advance, for example three or six months in advance you will probably get the best deal. So planning your trip well in advance will also save you money on your air fare in addition to keeping you less stressed when you travel last minute.

2. Book late
If you don’t mind the stress of last-minute travelling, consider booking late. If you buy your plane ticket really late you will also get a great price. There are also specialized sites you can use to find great last minute deals. Since airlines have to save money too, they always try to maximize the number of passengers. Therefore when they fail to fill their plains they often offer best last-minute deals, so keep your eyes open for deals and save money while travelling to attractive destinations.

2. Use Flier Miles It is always a good idea to use flier miles to cut down on the flying expenses. Even though is does require patience and it has been getting more difficult to redeem miles, it is one of the best ways to cut down on the flying expenses, especially if you fly frequently. Arm yourself with patience and experience if you want to save money using flier miles.

3. Fly on Wednesdays
The cheapest day for travelling by plane is Wednesday; because it is the day least used for air travel. It is also the day when it is more likely that the most seats will be empty and the air companies will have to discount the price in order to fill the plane.


4. Fly early
Flying first thing in the morning will also affect the price of your plane ticket. First flight in the morning is usually the cheapest, use this to your advantage and you will definitely cut down on your flying expenses.

5. Special deals
Inform yourself on the special deals and fares; join twitter and Facebook accounts that will alert youabout the best deals you can make. Just be aware that some deals can be gone within hours, so be quickto get the best price as soon as possible and before the tickets are sold out.

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